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Gregory is a story-teller.  With his music, he is able to take you on a journey of emotions from laugh-out-loud funny to sensitive and profound.  Gregory is able to guide any story on a musical voyage to experience all the emotions the story has to offer.  He is versatile in many styles of music and is able to accommodate whatever musical needs you may have.   Whether you are a filmmaker, documentarian, author, etc., Gregory can make your project the best it can possiblyvasquez keyboard +ghinde-27 be.   Please enjoy these music samples. If you have a specific music style in mind for your film, documentary, television or game project, please contact Gregory at 661-478-5020, or by email at [email protected]  All rights reserved – Songs licensed by ASCAP.

All rights reserved – Songs licensed by ASCAP.   Please do not use any material without permission from Gregory Hinde. 

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