National Football League – NFL Promotional Music


National Football League logo
We’ve had a pretty exciting baseball season that is coming down to the wire in Game 7!  It’s been a hard-fought battle for sure!  After that, it will be all football, all the time.  I want  to share a couple of pieces of promotional music I was asked to do for the NFL.  I hope you’ll take a minute to listen.   For all you football fans out there, keep your ears open through the NFL season as you watch the games and you just might hear them.  If you have a few more minutes, go listen to some of my other work.


One Stop Away


One Stop AwayI am so pleased to have been a part of this film and to have the privilege and pleasure of working with the talented Director/Producer Steven LaMorte.  One Stop Away is an inspiring story of love, faith, hope, and family.   Look for it when it comes to theaters in December.


Merry Christmas … and A Holiday in the Park!


Six Flags Holiday in the ParkSix Flags and Magic Mountain have a new event.  They are celebrating the holiday season this year and I had the privilege of composing and arranging the music for Magic Mountain’s  Holiday in the Park 2014.  There are three different light shows and a tree lighting every night.  Here’s a video put together by Magic Mountain giving you a little preview of Holiday in the Park.


Holiday In the Park at Magic Mountain 2014  Video